• Are there special instructions for cleaning and maintenance of the brush?

    If you're a powered toothbrush user, nothing special versus what you normally do to clean your brush!

    Here are our detailed instructions:

    • Clean your toothbrush head thoroughly after each use by removing the brush head from the handle and rinsing under running water.

    • Regularly clean the handle of the toothbrush using a damp cloth. This is especially important if your toothpaste contains baking soda or other bicarbonates or peroxide. Otherwise, plastic cracking could occur.

    • If you plan to stop using the toothbrush for an extended period, we recommend that you clean the toothbrush handle and heads, and store them in a cool dark place. If you start using your toothbrush again after a long period of non-use, charge for at least 4 hours.

    • For energy savings purposes, charge only when the battery level is low. When not in use, keep the charger unplugged from the socket.

  • How is intensity control different than changing the mode?

    The up and down arrows on the front of the brush control the intensity of the vibrations, going from level 1 (gentlest) to level 10 (strongest).

    The Intensity Wave on the back of the handle lights up in correspondence with the intensity level!

    If you are on on intensity level 1, for example, only the bottom tip of the intensity wave will be lit.

    If you are on intensity level 10, the whole wave will be lit.

    The 4 modes, on the other hand, combine different patterns of speeds and rotations so you can customize your clean.

    Pick the mode you want by pressing the power button consecutively within 5 seconds of turning it on.

    Every time you press it will switch the modes: Squeaky Clean -> Sparkle -> Sensitive -> Self-Care.

    The icon for the mode you choose will light up.