• How does the product prevent stains?

    Tooth stains can be caused by the things we eat, drink (tea, coffee, wine).

    Using CO. Later, Stains! Anti-Stain mouth rinse can help prevent stains from sticking to teeth.

    Here's how it works. (It's actually pretty cool.) Our specially formulated foam acts like a protective shield for your smile against everyday stains.

  • How often can I use it?

    Twice a day is the goal. Rinse around 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything!

  • How do I use this product?

    • Pump 2 pumps of product into cap or directly into mouth

    • Swish in mouth for up to 1 minute

    • Spit the excess out after swishing.

    • No need to rinse!


  • What is Later, Stains?

    Later, Stains! is an anti-stain mouth rinse!

    It's foamy and fun but also means business, helping to prevent future stains from things like coffee, tea and wine from sticking to your teeth!