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  • The Truth About Premolars

    Premolars, also called bicuspids, are the permanent teeth located between your molars in the back of your mouth and your canine… Read more at
  • How Many Teeth Do We Have?

    How many teeth do we have? Have you ever wondered that? Well, the answer depends on a few factors, the biggest factor being age. Read more at
  • Tooth Anatomy

    From the crown to the gumline, learn the anatomy of a tooth at Information online includes tooth anatomy text and pictures as well as information about the different types of teeth. Visit Colgate online today.
  • What Are Dentin Tubules?

    Take good care of your oral health to protect your dentin tubules and reduce your risk of painful hypersensitivity. Learn more from Colgate today.
  • Teeth And Tongue: Fun Ways To Teach Kids About Mouth Anatomy

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  • Slide show: Oral health — Illustrated guide to the mouth

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  • What Is a Canine Tooth?

    What is a canine tooth and what is its function in your mouth? Find out more about canine teeth, including when they develop, and why we need them
  • Four Different Types of Teeth Plus More

    Most of us know how important it is to look after our teeth, but do you know the different types of teeth are and how we use them? Learn more, here.