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3 Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillow Ideas

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The first tooth fairy visit is an enduring childhood right of passage – one with excitement and magic.

Your children might be approaching the time when they start losing their baby teeth – aka primary teeth – which are usually between the ages of five to seven (though ages can vary).

Before your kid's first tooth falls out, you and your child can create a personalized tooth fairy pillow using some basic materials and following some simple steps. Or buy a tooth fairy pillow your child loves. Either way, make it a project you can both enjoy, enhancing the wonder of the tooth fairy experience.

1.Craft a Flying Tooth Fairy Pillow

Hang this flying tooth fairy pillow on a bedpost or doorknob to prepare for the "real" tooth fairy's evening visit.

Materials needed: paper, pencil, white felt, additional felt in two different colors of your child's choosing, fiberfill, a ribbon, glitter pen, fabric glue, and thread (if you plan to sew the pillow)

Step One: On a sheet of paper, draw a tooth pattern about seven inches in length. Then, on another piece(s) of paper, draw a fairy wing pattern.

Step Two: Make a tooth by first laying the two white felt pieces on top of each other. Place the tooth pattern on top and cut a tooth out of the felt.

Step Three: Make the wings by first laying two pieces of a colorful felt on top of each other. Place the wing pattern on top and cut wings out of the felt.

Step Four: Tuck a wing between the two layers of the tooth felt on each side. Sew all around the tooth, leaving the top open. If you prefer not to sew, you can use fabric glue.

Step Five: Stuff the tooth shape with fiberfill. Then, insert the ribbon's ends into the tooth opening to make a handle; stitch or glue the tooth opening shut.

Step Six: Make a patch pocket on the tooth pillow by cutting out a square from a colorful piece of felt.

Leaving room for your child's name above the pocket, glue the patch pocket on the outside of the tooth pillow. Ensure leaving the top open with enough space for placement of the tooth and the magical reward.

Step Seven: Use a glitter pen to write your child's name above the patch pocket. You can also cut out your child's name from fabric to glue above the pocket.

When the time comes, place the tooth in the patch pocket and wait for the wonder.

2.Make a Colorful Toothbrush Painting Pillow Container

Children learn to brush their teeth with up and down, back and forth, and circular motions. Have your budding artist make these same brush strokes on a fabric tooth for a one-of-a-kind creation.

Materials Needed: paper, pencil, two pieces of white fabric, one or more old toothbrushes, water, fabric paint in various colors, black fabric market, and fabric glue (or thread if you plan to sew the pillow)

Step One: On a sheet of paper, draw a tooth pattern about seven inches in length.

Step Two: Make the tooth by first laying two white fabric pieces on top of each other. Place the tooth pattern on top and cut a tooth out of the fabric.

Step Three: Using the old toothbrushes and fabric paint, let your child "brush" the two sides of the tooth with different colors: up and down, back and forth, round and round.

Step Four: When completely dry, sew, or glue the two shapes together, leaving the top open for easy placement of the tooth and fairy rewards.

Step Five: Personalize this masterpiece using a black fabric marker.

Easily tuck this special tooth pillow container under your child's bed pillow when the big night comes.

3.Create a Tooth Fairy Portrait Pillow

This pillow project also lets your child use their creativity to produce an original bedtime masterpiece.

Materials Needed: two pieces of white fabric cut into pillow shapes, white copy paper, fabric crayons (found in most craft stores), iron, ironing board, fiberfill, fabric marker, and fabric glue (or thread if you plan to sew the pillow)

Step One: Cut the two white fabric pieces into squares, rectangles, or other pillow shapes.

Step Two: Cut the white copy paper into the same shape as the fabric. With the fabric crayons, have your child draw a portrait of the tooth fairy on the paper.

Step Three: Using a warm iron and following the directions on the fabric crayon box, transfer your child's fairy portrait to one piece of fabric. (Your child will delight in how their picture permanently transfers to the fabric.)

Step Four: With the fabric marker, personalize the pillow with your child's name.

Step Five: Glue or sew the two pieces of fabric together on three sides. Stuff the fiberfill into the pillow and sew up the opening.

When preparing for the tooth fairy's visit, tape the prized tooth to the pillow. Then set this pillow next to your youngster at bedtime. The tooth fairy can easily remove the tooth and tape on the surprise gift.

Not a DIYer? No Problem

You and your child might prefer a shopping trip to buy a tooth fairy pillow rather than take on a do-it-yourself project. If you don't know where to purchase tooth fairy pillows, do a quick search online. Like the tooth fairy, these special pillows are everywhere. Check e-commerce sites and stores selling kids' bedding supplies.

The important thing is spending time with your child to prepare for the momentous occasion of the first tooth fairy visit. Whether crafting creative homemade pillows or checking out a cart with a lovingly chosen pillow, you're making a memory for your child to cherish.


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