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Healthy Fruit Drinks To Make You Smile

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It’s cold. It’s bubbly. It’s refreshing. But that’s about all soda can provide. From a nutritional standpoint, soda offers very little while the acid slowly eats away at the calcium in your teeth, leading to cavities. You need that calcium to keep your teeth strong. You also need vitamin C to keep your gums in good shape — which makes healthy fruit drinks a delicious and nutritious way to keep the whole family smiling.

What Ingredients Should You Use

If there’s one thing that many fruits provide, it’s the vitamin C our gums and bodies need. Fruits like strawberries, cherries, papayas, currants, kiwis, guava, watermelon, and citrus fruits are fantastic at increasing your daily intake of vitamin C by featuring them in a healthy fruit drink. We’re all about pairing them with greek yogurt and low-fat or almond milk for calcium, along with honey or agave nectar for sweetness.

How Do You Make Healthy Fruit Drinks

If you have a fully functional blender, then you’re practically a healthy fruit drink connoisseur. Add a cup or so of your favorite vitamin C-filled fruit and a scoop of greek yogurt. Then cover it with your milk and sweetener of choice and blend. It’s that easy. Many blenders make it even easier by featuring separate attachments that turn the jar into a handy to-go cup, so you’re able to slurp your drink at your convenience. Consider this our go-to recipe for healthy fruit drinks good for your teeth and smile.

What About Restaurant Smoothies

Some restaurants and smoothie places can make some of the best-tasting fruit drinks around. And they’re super convenient as well. But like anything in life, enjoy them in moderation. By being the DIYer you are, blending them yourself allows you to control the amount of sugar that goes into them. An ingredient you don’t need a lot of and one that those places tend to overdo. Plus, less sugar means there’s a smaller chance for tooth decay.

The difference healthy fruit drinks can provide is really remarkable. The simple recipe consists of a blender, calcium, and vitamin C-rich ingredients. Once you put those on your list, you can customize your fruity mixtures to your preferred taste. And that's always something sweet to smile about.

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