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A Toothpaste Holder Contains The Mess

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If you have little kids at home, you've probably gone into the bathroom and found a sticky, hard-to-clean-up toothpaste mess. It can be a struggle to keep your sink and toothpaste tube clean without having to supervise your little ones at bedtime. And you may be asking yourself: Should I use a toothpaste holder? It's an easy, affordable solution to consider if you want to cut down on the mess.

Should I use a toothpaste holder?

Your local dollar store is a great place to find a small basket or container that works well as a toothpaste holder. Try to find a flat holder so you can store it conveniently in a drawer or cabinet door in your bathroom. You'll also want to be sure the container is long enough to hold a full tube of toothpaste. If you're worried about sizing, measure the area where you'll be storing the basket beforehand. Once you've found the perfect container, place your toothpaste, and toothbrushes into it.

How to keep your toothpaste holder clean

If you decide to keep more than one toothbrush in your toothpaste holder, cover each one with a plastic bristle holder to prevent germs from moving between the toothbrushes. Every week or so, take the holder out, empty it, and run it through the dishwasher (you can also wash the toothbrush covers at the same time.) This will help make sure the holder stays clean and sanitary. It's a good idea to have two toothpaste holders on hand, so you have a backup when one is being washed.

A toothpaste holder is an easy way to cut down on some of the mess in your bathroom, but teaching your kids how to properly dispense toothpaste goes a long way toward keeping everything neat and clean. Help them squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom up rather than from the middle of the tube. Show them the proper amount to use — about the size of a pea — which can also help minimize the amount of toothpaste spread throughout the bathroom.

Learning proper oral care habits in childhood can promote a lifetime of healthy dental hygiene. It's important to start early, so your kids can feel comfortable with their oral care routine and grow up with strong, healthy smiles.


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