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Oral Hygiene Tips To Make The Tooth Fairy Happy

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If you have kids, you’ve probably noticed your little ones are more likely to do chores when you turn them into fun, imaginative games they can play or when you offer rewards. Well, the same goes for teaching your kids to practice good oral hygiene. What may seem like a burden to your child can become something they get excited to do with a little imagination. And that’s where the Tooth Fairy can come in handy.

You and the Tooth Fairy probably go way back, but you may need a refresher on how parents can make the most of this bit of folklore. After all, it’s been a while since you lost your baby teeth and the money you received under your pillow is presumably long gone. So we have some dental tips for children you can pass along that will keep your child (and the Tooth Fairy) smiling well into their adult-teeth years.

Helping the Tooth Fairy Protect Teeth

Why does the Tooth Fairy collect teeth? Some say it’s to build a castle. Others say it’s to make fairy dust. It’s even been said that the Tooth Fairy sends teeth up into the sky to become stars. You can choose from these when you tell fantastical tales of magical tooth-purchasing fairies, or you can have fun making up your own – but be sure to include a reason your child should help the Tooth Fairy by protecting teeth from bacteria.

For instance, you could say oral bacteria doesn’t want the Tooth Fairy to build the castle (or make fairy dust or stars). Your child has the power to help the Tooth Fairy overcome this tooth-destroying villain. By encouraging your little one to be the Tooth Fairy’s sidekick, the importance of your kid’s oral hygiene will become one of legendary importance.

The Toothbrush Is Your Child’s Magic Wand

Every good Tooth Fairy has a magic wand, so it makes sense their trusty sidekick would have one, too. Try teaching your child about the magical powers a toothbrush has when they use it twice a day. Let them know that if they brush at a 45-degree angle with an ADA Approved toothpaste, their toothbrush will be supercharged with magic to remove evil plaque and food along their gumline. It will help make all the Tooth Fairy's adversaries go away.

Floss Holders and Interdental Brushes – The Other Magic Tools

Tooth Fairy sidekicks need more than one magical tool in their toolbag because brushing won’t eliminate all the villains in your child’s mouth all by itself. Try telling your child that the Tooth Fairy and oral bacteria have been at this for a long time – the bacteria have figured out all the good places to hide. The only way to catch them is with other special tools like floss holders or interdental brushes (if they have spaces between their teeth). You can help your child use these magical tools to decrease plaque bacteria (biofilm) – they are so effective that they only have to be used once a day!

Magic Superfood

Some parents may let their kids eat sweets and starchy snacks – but they don’t have the duties a sidekick to a Tooth Fairy has. By eating fruits and vegetables, they’ll be fueling their bacteria-fighting superpowers!

Whereas evil bacteria feed on sugar, create plaque, and damage teeth (which the Tooth Fairy definitely doesn't want), vitamins and antioxidants in fresh fruits and veggies can help fight bacteria, increase saliva flow, and actually strengthen your Tooth Fairy sidekick's teeth!

Learn how vitamins and minerals can benefit oral health.

The Dentist’s Office (or the Mysterious and Fantastical Land of the Tooth Fairy)

Some children may dread going to the Dentist – but when your child realizes this is where the Tooth Fairy’s sidekicks go to recharge their magical bacteria-fighting powers, it can be a lot of fun. Be sure to tell your child how brave they are to be working with the Tooth Fairy’s team to protect their teeth. The Tooth Fairy will be so proud.

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Smiling – The Tooth Fairy’s Secret Weapon

The one thing that helps the Tooth Fairy most is smiling. So be sure you tell your child to follow these dental tips from the tooth fairy and to flash those pearly whites every chance they get. And if they have missing teeth, everyone will know it’s because the Tooth Fairy needed them to do something truly special.

Your kids will probably expect the Tooth Fairy to reward them for their efforts when they lose their baby teeth, of course. And that’s when you know it’s time to don your tutu, grab your very own magic wand, and slide a few bucks under their pillow. But don’t worry, your magical identity is safe with us. It’s a lot of work to be a Tooth Fairy and train your Tooth Fairy sidekick, but your kid’s healthy teeth will be something you both can smile about.


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