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What To Do With Tooth Fairy Clip Art

When your child loses a tooth, he's likely excited, because it means he's growing up. Such an occasion also entails a visit from the tooth fairy (AKA Mom or Dad), who will leave money or a small toy in place of the baby tooth under his pillow. If you want to mark this occasion in a special way, consider using tooth fairy clip art to commemorate the special event.

Where to Find It

If you have a home computer, open a word processing document. Using the tool bar for your program, click on the "Insert" tab, then the "Clip art" option. Once the clip art is open, type "tooth fairy" into the search bar, and your options will come up. Scroll through the images and click the one you want to move to your open document. You can then use the mouse to make the picture smaller or larger.

If you want more options, the Internet is an ideal place to find a vast array of tooth fairy clip art. Many websites allow you to copy and past the images for free, though some require you to sign up for an account or pay royalties to the creator of the picture. Copy and paste the image you choose into a blank word processing document so you can modify it as you'd like.

What to Do With It

Use tooth fairy clip art to pen a letter to your child from the fairy herself. Use the image as her signature or part of the letterhead. You might have the tooth fairy thank your child for the tooth and remind him to enjoy the treat she left behind. You can also use the letter as an opportunity to encourage your child to take good care of his teeth by brushing and flossing every day.

Tooth fairy clip art is also fun for use in the classroom, if you teach a lower elementary grade. Use it to decorate a bulletin board where you can display the names of students who lose a tooth during the school year. If a student loses a tooth during school hours, have envelopes on hand that have been decorated with tooth fairy art. Your students will feel special taking teeth home in decorated envelopes.

Making It Your Own

Modifying your clip art images makes them unique and allows you to customize them to fit your child's interests and passions. For example, for a princess-loving little girl, print a black and white tooth fairy and color it pink. You can also draw a tiara and magic wand if she doesn't already have them. For a little boy, add a superhero cape and a mask. Then cut out the tooth fairy image and add it to a background of dinosaurs, a tea party, a castle or a pirate ship. Your child will be excited to think the tooth fairy knows him so well, and you'll enjoy the fun of watching him revel in losing a baby tooth.

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