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Mini Dental Implants: The Best Of Both Worlds

Traditionally, missing many teeth meant either uncomfortable dentures or costly dental implants. But a newer method of fixing missing teeth is making comfortable, affordable care attainable, particularly for seniors. Mini dental implants are half the size of traditional implants, making them less expensive and more comfortable to place. Understanding the benefits of these smaller implants can help you make a more educated decision on how to perfect your smile when damage, decay or age has caused missing teeth.

Lower-Cost Alternative

In the past, if you were missing a substantial number of teeth, you only had a couple of choices. Dentures are traditionally one of the least expensive options, but they come with their own set of challenges (think adhesive, cleaning and the threat of them detaching throughout the day). Dental implants – where the implant is placed into the jawbone and the bone attaches to the implant, then an abutment is placed into the implant and then the prosthetic crown is attached – are a longer-term solution, but can be extremely expensive.

Mini dental implants require much less hardware and a faster procedure, so they may cost half as much as traditional implants. In fact, one analysis by Dental Implant Cost Guide found that the average price of implants ranges between$2,000-5,000 depending on the number of implants, the cost a third of normal implants. What's more, if you currently wear dentures, they may be able to be retrofitted for the mini implants to further save on cost.

Minimally Invasive Lifestyle

As far as dental appliances go, dentures definitely have their drawbacks. While they are meant to be worn every day, they must be removed and cleaned each night to keep them looking fresh and natural. They're also applied using adhesive, which can make for a poor seal and a lack of comfort and stability throughout the day. Many denture wearers complain of not being able to eat hard or crunchy foods for fear that their dentures may detach.

In contrast, implants are permanently secured into the bone, but only after a complicated procedure in which flaps are cut into the gumline to allow for the attachment of the implant screw into the jawbone. Surgery may have to be completed in stages and may require a long recovery time. This procedure requires a skilled hand, so you'll be paying a premium to your oral surgeon to have the implants placed.

Mini dental implants allow you to meet your needs in the middle. They're permanent, but their smaller size allows your oral surgeon to only create small holes in the jawbone depending on how many need to be placed. Recovery and discomfort are minimal, and the results are just as permanent as traditional implants. Instead of spending your time recovering from implants or settling for uncomfortable dentures, you're able to find a permanent, comfortable solution that works for you and your unique dental requirements. You'll be able to return to your usual dental hygiene routine (brushing twice a day with a hydrated silica toothpaste such as Colgate TotalSF Advanced Deep Clean) almost immediately after having your implants placed.

Naturally, you'll need to talk to your oral surgeon about your needs and the type of solution that's right for you. Still, when compared to the two most common solutions—dentures and full implants—mini implants can make a permanent solution a reality for individuals who may not have considered the procedure. Your dentist will guide you as to whether mini dental implants are right for you. Thanks to this long-term solution, you can feel confident about your smile.

This article is intended to promote understanding of and knowledge about general oral health topics. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your dentist or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.

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